Manawatu Knitting Mills

Manawatu Knitting Mills

30-year tradition of creating finely crafted garments and accessories.

Specialising in the design of knitwear using natural fibres, including cashmere, alpaca, angora, possum and merino, as well as super fine merino.

Their products are 100% New Zealand made and the fibres used are drawn from around the country.

Manawatu Knitting Mills is dedicated to the preservation of New Zealand's unique environment.

The need to control the number of possums in New Zealand, in order to protect the native wildlife, flora, and fauna, saw the development of a specialised fibre within the knitwear industry of New Zealand. This fibre incorporated New Zealand Merino wool, and Possum fur, a combination that proved to be successful. A superior, high quality yarn was created, that also worked to successfully help the ecology of New Zealand by creating a demand for possum fibre.