Diega Paris

Diega Paris

Diega Paris, finds its inspiration in landscapes leading to styles representing a confluence of creativity sourced from nature. Intermixing casual silhouettes with bold prints, ethnic patterns and rich colour ways celebrate the shadow of mother nature. Diega Paris offers free-spirited and feminine silhouettes. 

Diega is well known for its playful layering, its beautiful fabrics and for their past-tone colors. Diega's figure is intense, true and indeniably active and reckless.

All garments are hand dyed from natural fibres and designed in Paris. 

The Diega Paris wardrobe is characterised by a masculine and vintage touch, natural materials and a bohemian spirit. The label is aimed at women who like easy and authentic clothes, who like to travel, beautiful prints and noble materials. Parisian designer, Carole Petit, has her own way of "mistreating" fabrics and materials, so that the clothes seem to have lived a little, in order to evoke tenderness in the person who is going to wear them.  With her clothes, she knits stories, sews emotions, embroiders passions. 

We are very proud to present you with our capsule selection of Diega Paris here in Australia.